Listed Building Consent Indemnity Insurance

Listed Building Consent Indemnity Insurance is only available for listed building of special architectural and historic interest.

In order to make changes to a listed building, which include altering or extending in a manner which would affect its character of special architectural and historic interest,an owner must go through the planning authority to obtain listed building consent and if there has been works carried out to a listed building without the appropriate consent, a Listed Building Consent Indemnity insurance policy can be taken out.  Cover is assessed taking into consideration the extent of the works previously carried out and when these were completed and can be considered for both minor works (i.e. replacement windows) and more extensive works (i.e. extensions), whether internal and/or external.

The insurance is designed to help your property transaction proceed by providing an alternative to contacting the local authority for retrospective consent.

Risks Covered:
– The cost of defending enforcement action,
– The expense of complying with enforcement action, including the cost of demolishing, altering or reinstating any part of the property,
– loss in market value following enforcement action.

(Note: As properties are not covered if left vacant for more than 30 days, an unoccupied property insurance should be taken out alongside if the property is tto be left vacant for more than 30 days between exchange of contract and the buyer moving in).

Information needed:

  • Property address
  • Property value
  • Use of the Property
  • Copy of the listing (if available)
  • Details of the works carried out without the appropriate consent
  • Confirmation of approximately when the works were completed